If you have a specific problem, I explain its karmic causes and give distinct recommendations for solution. Every sphere of human life is under control of certain Planetary and Zodiacal energies.  Unique combination of these subtle (subconscious) influences can be seen in the individual horoscope. Therefore, by studying your individual astrological chart (horoscope), I identify your personal fate schemes, energy connection (“subtle body” arrangement) and subconscious programs. Before the consultation you have to realize that in order to fully solve the problem one has to eliminate its karmic cause, that’s hidden at the back of mind. It requires serious and sometimes rather extensive work on yourself – your world-view, temper and lifestyle. Most of the problems are impossible to solve on outer level without changing your inner world (subconscious attitude), because this way we can only achieve short-time and fake effect, which looks like a naive attempt to get rid of weed, without eradicating the root. Therefore, before you seek the advice, you have to realize that successful solution of the problem fully depends on how strictly and persistently you follow my recommendations on work on yourself. I won’t solve the problem for you, but I’m going to help you find a Way you must go through.

- Before the consultation you need to develop your questions to me.  Reviewing of astrological chart (diagnostics of karma) takes some time (usually it can be quite long) and is conducted before consultation. Please, pay attention, that in event of having additional questions, that weren’t specified beforehand, I reserve the right to refuse to answer because of impossibility of its momentary consideration.  However it doesn’t mean that you can’t ask additional questions during the consultation, the reason is that I can’t answer all of them without previous work with your astrological chart (horoscope).

- In order to prepare for the consultation I’m going to need date, time and place (location) of your birth, as well as 2 photographs in electronic file. One of them must depict your full length body from a little distance, the other your clear face. If you don’t have information about you exact time of birth – cooperative preliminary work might be needed to determine your exact time of birth (rectification) that conducts with a method of “question-answer” (I ask questions – you answer it)

- I conduct spiritual healing on a karmic level not the fortunetelling. That’s why telling the future is not my field. Future potentially has multiple choices and depends on choices (will decisions) that we make here and now. It is obvious, that there’re certain karmic limitations that we can’t overcome in a current incarnation. However, within these boundaries we can create our own destiny if we have sufficient level of awareness. We have to take notice that very few people have it, that’s why basic moments of man’s future that lives unconsciously can be seen so clearly. The final word rests with God and none of the foreseers can give you 100 % guarantee for realization of any particular variant of sequence of events. Thus I don’t do astrological predictions in a usual sense of the word. However, as I see the tendencies of your karma so I can give you certain recommendations for a needed period of time so that you with God’s help could avoid destiny hard lessons and direct the course of life into the natural course. Therefore one of the goals of my consultation is to help a man to become more conscious and balanced creator of his own future.

- My consultation is not just a delivery and reception of information on one or the other themes. It includes subconscious energetic impulse that passes from me to you during the process of work. The purpose of this impulse is to give you the direction and stimulus to work on yourself, increase awareness and develop Unconditional Love.

- The average duration of the consultation (it varies depending on your questions) is 2 hours.

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