Nowadays “a woman” who’s had an abortion or “a man” who’s encouraged her to do it most probably doesn’t even understand what’s really happened. “A woman” is convinced that she’s just undergone a “cleaning procedure” or whatever an abortion is called amongst the murderers in the white lab coats… She is convinced that “it’s just a piece of tissue”, “nothing to be scared of”, “it’ll be all right, my career goes first”, “other people may suffer from complications after an abortion but not me” and so on. Nevertheless, the law of karma is relentless and ignorance of the law is not an excuse. “A man” who pushed a woman to having an abortion bears as much responsibility for it as she does herself.
   The main reason for abortions is our spiritual blindness, our lack of Knowledge of what the conception of a Child is and at what moment a Child’s Soul comes into existence. If we knew what really happens on the subtle level during an abortion, hardly anyone would choose to have sex without Love and have an abortion after. I’d like to hope that this article can save the life of at least one baby.

   What is conception?

   The Soul of a Future Child feels all parents’ emotions and knows all their thoughts. The subconscious mental concept that “I am this body” hammered into our minds by contemporary materialistic science doesn’t let most people realise that the conception of a child is a sacred process at the level of the Soul rather than just the “fusion of sperm and egg”. Very few people understand that a Soul appears at the field energy level not at a certain stage of pregnancy or at birth and not even at the time of conception.
   A child’s Soul appears in the subtle field of its parents before they have intercourse! Moreover, this very Soul inspires its future parents to conceive. This very Soul creates a release of sexual energy streaming from the Bloodline and ancestors which becomes the cause of closeness between a man and a woman. The child’s Soul makes parents attracted to each other on the subtle level and then unites them on the physical level.
   The process of fusing the energy fields of a man and a woman begins at the inner level - at the level of deep emotions and thoughts - at the very beginning of their relationship. At least subconsciously, they begin to feel and foresee their continuation into the Future (of course, this should be happening consciously).
The Main Purpose of their encounter lies not in obtaining joint selfish sexual pleasure but in continuing a Bloodline and carrying out a Duty to their ancestors and decedents. 
   At the very beginning of a relationship ,two energy fields begin creating their United “projection” into the Future – the Path for a Child’s Soul. Two Souls, merging in Unity, create a New Beam of Life-Giving Light, a New Stream of Life flowing into the Future. And this isn’t an allegory. This is Reality at the deepest subtle level of the subconscious. This New Stream of Life is designed by Mother Nature to enable two mortal persons to overcome Death.

   Is there any need to explain what an abortion is?

   Abortion is murder according to the Spiritual Knowledge of all World Religions. My apologies to everyone who has committed an abortion but it is my duty to tell the truth. Abortion is murder which from a karmic point of view is no different (!) to the crime of a maniac killing a child. Moreover, it is even worse in some sense because abortion is murder committed with absolute confidence in impunity. Abortion is a highly cowardly crime committed by senseless handicapped Souls. Secondly, abortion is not only the killing of a child but also suicide at the energy level: an even grimmer karmic crime against Love than murder.

   Abortion is the killing of one’s own Future (because children are the Future of their parents), the unperceived renouncement of the Future and of one’s Bloodline. That’s why there is no wonder that some serious illnesses occur as effects of abortion. This is nothing but the execution of the unperceived renouncement of the Future… There is also no wonder that one often experiences personal life problems after an abortion because we can’t attract a good person into our life without purification if that person’s Destiny is to be happy in family life. God will spare him from such “happiness”.

   How can you purify yourself after abortion.

   The first and the most important step is to Realise what we have done. It is blindness to the fact of killing a child, renouncement of the continuation of a bloodline and suicide on the subtle level which are the main reasons for the karmic consequences of abortion. We have to contemplate who we killed. We killed a Teacher of Unconditional, Giving Love, who was sent to us by God in order to teach us to perform Selfless Service. We preferred enjoyment from selfish sexual activities, from pursuing a career, from spending money only on ourselves to the feeling of Unconditional, Giving Love. We have to Realise fully that we’ve betrayed Love. 
   This does not mean that we have to be overwhelmed with guilt. It means that we have to Awaken our Shame which will never allow us to do it again in the Future.
We have to Realise Fully and deeply what we have done, which is not the same as saying: ”I am sorry, it won’t happen again.” It means that we have to cry out loud when our Spiritual Heart will reveal the Bitter Truth about our Inner Filth. If this is not happening, it means that we have not understood anything and are being manipulated by our selfish mind, which is justifying our crime against Love by taking into consideration “objective” circumstances. 
   Purification won’t happen unless Deep Realisation, which sometimes is called Sincere Repentance, happens. If it was as easy as going to church and lighting a candle there would be no need to talk about it. Purification won’t happen unless we cry rivers of tears. We have to understand that we’ll cry rivers anyway from suffering the karmic consequences of abortion in the future if we don’t do it voluntarily now.

   Secondly, unless Sincere Repentance has happened it is necessary to do Spiritual Practice everyday and apply Full Restriction to any sexual activities (unless we are prepared to conceive a child right Here and right Now with this very person).
   Using contraceptives is not allowed. It is worth noting that we will inevitably pass our Inner Filth to our next child which will affect his Fate and Health unless we purify ourselves after an abortion.
   Nowadays many parents unknowingly “reset” their own negative karma at their next child’s expense. Only serious austerity is an answer. There are no other ways. Otherwise we will in fact carry on doing the very thing from which we are trying to purify ourselves. We shouldn’t try to deceive God. As a result of abstinence and everyday Spiritual Practice our energy will rise and initiate purification.

   The third step is the everyday practice of ten physical bows to the visualised form of the killed child (you can imagine child’s appearance) as well as to your other, Future or Present, children. This has to be practiced in a state of full understanding that we bow to the Teachers of Unconditional, Giving Love, who are superior to us in everything (!), rather than to “silly children”. We have to look at them up rather than down and visualise them above our head level.
   We shouldn’t feel sorry for the killed child, we should feel the desire to deliver Selfless Service to the Strong and Wise Teacher, as would a Pupil who realised his mistake. This is a very important condition. We won’t succeed if we look down at children with feeling of superiority, pride and, as a consequence, pity. We have to realise that our pride was a subconscious reason for the killing of the child because we put Our pleasure Above His Life!
   This practice will be useful for anyone who didn’t commit abortion but wants to ”purify parent karma”, is undergoing infertility or gynaecological treatment, who has a handicapped child or a poor relationship with own children.

   Fourthly, we have to write “I’d like to become father (mother), Serve my children and be an example of Goodness to them” for six to twelve months at least three times every day. This affirmation practice will also help anyone who wants to see his (her) Present or Future children Loving, Healthy and Happy.

   The fifth step is spreading the word about the harm of abortions. Try to save the life of at least one child.

   The sixth step involves volunteering on orphanages, making donations to orphanages, or delivering any Selfless Service to children (not one’s own children).

   Seventh, ceasing relationships with people who are against giving birth to or bringing up children in principle. If complete freezing of communication is impossible cut it down to minimum. This people will pass us hurdles for our purification at subconscious level.

   © Don Druzhinin

   Translated into English by Tamara Sosnina