The subconscious attitude towards one’s parents and other ancestors is the foundation of the fate, happiness and health of every person. Our feelings towards our parents, which we have been developing since very early childhood, have a powerful influence on our perception of the world around us throughout our lives. These feelings form during the first three years of one’s life. These subconscious attitudes are similar to the “glasses” through which we look at the people surrounding us.
We see all males through the subconscious image of our father and all females through the subconscious image of our mother. Moreover, we even perceive ourselves through the subconscious image, which is a Memory, of a parent of our gender. We don’t see our true selves.
   It is important to realise that we never perceive the world surrounding us directly, and as beautiful and pure as it is. We always see only a reflection of our own subconscious, a reflection of our own Memories. We never see the world itself but just “an image of the world”. We always perceive People and the Universe as a Whole through our Memory.
   Our memories about early life experiences form our “picture of the world”. The main brush strokes in this picture are created by our attitude towards our parents. If our subconscious sentiment to one or both of our parents is smeared with negative emotions, negative phrases, or reoccurring negative thoughts, the “picture of our world” is a grim one indeed. In this case we are looking at everything though “black glasses”. in reality the world is amazing! We can’t see the Authentic beauty of the surrounding Universe if our attitude towards our parents is stained. The Universe will always seem grimmer, scarier and sadder than it is.

   It is important to understand that not a single person sees the full and true picture of his/her subconscious (that’s why it’s called a subconscious). We can speculate about what our subconscious consists of but our mind can never really see it. Our subconscious is accessible to our Soul, not our mind. In order to be able to see the world with our Soul’s “eyes” one has to be a Saint. Anyone can declare that he is one, but it is a different matter to live as one: to act, to feel and to recognize the world as a Soul. Only few of us are capable of doing this.
   Our lying selfish mind has two quite interesting functions:
   The first is to smear everything with relative, and therefore, illusive interpretations and explanations of Reality;
The second is to embellish our inner (subconscious) world. Most often we can’t even imagine how badly our attitude towards parents needs purification.

   I’d like to share with you one very effective meditation today which can purify our attitude towards our parents if practiced regularly.
   It can be done lying in bed, best in the morning immediately after waking up.
   We close our eyes and imagine (recall) being cuddled by our father or mother.
   It is necessary to achieve the physical sensation of rocking from side to side in order to submerge in our subconscious. We must also focus on the image of our parent’s face looking at us with utmost Love as we emerged into this world. It is useful to recall the sound of our father’s or mother’s voice gently calling our name. This meditation should be practiced for at least fifteen minutes every day, aiming to achieve a deep sensation of gentle rocking and reinstating the Feeling of Love for our father or mother.

   Translated into English by Tamara Sosnina