Order On-line Consultation

   Before the consultation you need at least in general terms to decide on the issues that interest you. The construction and study of the astrological chart (horoscope) takes a certain (often quite a long time) and is conducted not in the very moment of the consultation, but in advance. To prepare for the Don consultation, you will need the date, time (at least approximate) and the place (locality) of your birth, as well as two photographs in electronic form - one should be imprinted the entire body in full growth from a short distance, and the other should be clearly visible your face. 

   Please, write in the form of a message that is below, at least in general terms, for which specific questions (s) you want to receive a consultation.

 The consultation is conducted via Skype video, Telegram, Whats App, Viber or by phone (depending on your desire and choice) and only by appointment. At the moment, the recording is usually done one and a half to two weeks before the consultation. In urgent cases, there is also the possibility of urgent consultation.

   Pre-payment is made via PayPal.

Please fill in and send the form below, and then to your e-mail you will receive a response from the site administrator, in which the cost of the consultation will be calculated, then you will be able to choose a convenient date and time for consultation in an interactive mode.