Most Popular Questions

Personal Relationship

   Identify the karmic causes of problems in your personal life and draw up specific practical recommendations for their decision on your individual horoscope.

Children's horoscope

   The child's horoscope will accurately show what character qualities we need to develop in it from the very childhood, in order to maximally help him in his personal self-realization. To what there are propensities, where to send to study, from what to protect and so on. Specific practical recommendations for neutralizing the adverse effects of the Planets on a child's horoscope.

Problems with conception, determination of a suitable period for conception, pregnancy, childbirth

   Is there any indication in your horoscope of the possibility of problems with conception, pregnancy, childbirth and children in general? What can I do to avoid problems in this area or solve existing ones? Specific practical recommendations for working on themselves in this area, neutralizing the influence of the planets.

Favorable time for conception, correction of the sex of the unborn child before conception

   Determination of a favorable time for conception of children and possible correction of the sex of the future child taking into account the female cycle. Diagnosis of karmic causes of failures during conception attempts and recommendations for improving the situation at the karmic level. For astrological research on this issue, we need the birth data of both partners (date, at least approximate time and populated birth point).

Definition of karmic tasks

   Consultation on this issue includes the definition, clear formulation of your karmic tasks (usually a minimum of 5-7 topics - karmic situations, which you have chosen as the Soul for elaboration in this embodiment), as well as specific practical recommendations for their solution.

Нelp in choosing a future profession

   The consultation will allow you to choose the most favorable professional activity. Which areas of activity will bring the maximum financial success, which will give the most complete inner satisfaction and benefit to the Soul, and is it possible to combine the first and second?    What prevents you from achieving success in your career? What external circumstances and qualities of your character contribute to, and which impede success? How do you need to work on yourself to change your life for the better in this area? Specific practical recommendations for working on yourself in this area of life, neutralizing the influence of the planets.