Hell is a non-geographic place where everyone is like you. A hellish state of consciousness is when any of the surrounding living beings is perceived only as a projection of our image of oneself, as an application intended for our enjoyment, but not at all as a Person with free will, not as an individual that has its own unique nature. The non-conscious chelavek is constantly and at least mentally, but usually without knowing it, “on autopilot” is engaged in trying to remake others around him, under his “rules of the game”, under his point of view. 

   The hellish state of consciousness means the absolute inability to See and Accept the Person, the Inner World and the individual nature of other Souls as they are. The perception of one who is in hell is set up in such a way that, as a Person, he perceives only himself, and he depersonalizes all other creatures, without endowing them with the right to be Persons. From the point of view of the inhabitants of hell, this is quite logical and correct, because if he starts to perceive everyone as personalities with free will, then he himself will have to get off the illusory throne he created, on which he feels himself the master of this hell. Welcome to Hell!                                                                                            

   ©Don Druzhinin