Perhaps, one of the most common reasons for astrological consultation in Russia is seeking for one's True life purpose. There is a subtle and interesting nuance here which I'd like to clarify. 
   In order to realize what one's life purpose is one should understand that only an activity which is carried out as a Self-less Service and doesn’t stem from one's ego or hope to receive the rewards in the Future (e.g. a big salary or fame) but from one’s Soul, from a desire to Share, from willingness to input Joy and Love in the process itself can be called a True Purpose. It is not a question of the type of one's activity but rather of one's capability to Invest Joy and Love in any activity in which one is engaged at the current moment (do not confuse this with enjoying the process of labor itself). This capability guarantees that any activity is filled with the energy of goodness coming from the Heart of the Spirit. 
   Only after training ourselves to input Joy and Love into seemingly unimportant and unrewarding jobs can we tap into the Inner Source of Energy which will allow us to accomplish more or less significant life mission.
   One of the main problems here is that our egoistic mind is scared to death of and in vigorous denial of everything which doesn't agree with its selfish desires and deep-seated "own opinions" which are usually formed by the influence of society from the early childhood. It is common knowledge that our so called "own desires", "own opinions" and "own choices" are in most cases far from being truly ours… 
   One’s ego opposes the disclosure of one's natural intuitive knowledge of True Purpose because Self-less Service and unceasing conveying of Energy of Love which are the means to attain it are in direct conflict with the very nature of ego – fear and lucre. Unconditionally Conveying Love, Fearless-ness and Self-less Service are the death for ego, which is why it blocks even the subtlest hints about one's True Purpose. On one hand this vigorous resistance and self-deception of one's mind are great hurdles on the Way to disclose the Soul's true mission but on the other hand we can catch the tail of our ego right here! 
   So our mind is very often highlighting our current purpose by denying it and trying to draw our Soul away from self Realization constantly using self deception. This happens because the false ego understands that our success in this difficult endeavor will be the inevitable end of it. It is this very fear and denial that allows us to unveil the ego by realizing what we are vigorously denying and categorically don't want. Realizing what we have to achieve is not the same as becoming brave enough to manifest it in everyday life but still, Knowledge is Power. 
   For example, these days many women whilst being manipulated by destructive and degradation oriented mass media are not keen on starting a family, giving birth to children and taking care of a husband. Their first question at the astrological consultation is: "What is my destiny? I don't want to be a common house wife! It's awful! I feel that I am destined for something great!” 
   This very statement means that a woman like this in fact is not capable to become anything but a common housewife for now because her egoistic mind (not the Soul) is screaming about her "great destiny". Through the denial of the role of housewife false ego is highlighting the fact that it is her current purpose. It means that her True Destiny at this level of her Soul development is to learn how to be a humble housewife and mother. 
This woman is not ready for anything "bigger" yet because "something bigger" is naturally revealed when we sacrifice our egoistic "I want" and overcome out fear of "I don't want". This is the only case when the Channel of Divine Energy of Unconditional Love opens inside us and enables us to do anything. This is the Law of Nature.
   In case you are sincerely embracing a role of housewife and mother accepting any material circumstances your husband can provide for you, you are these days a unique woman who is ready for great female deeds and great Female Destiny. Or, for example, when a man categorically doesn't want to get married, justifying it by any false arguments of his egoistic mind, it means that it is his current task which is highlighted by the vigorous denial of his ego. 
   We have to realize that any selfish person is always completely sure that he is unique and is born for something great and is ready for it right now... His very naive certainty is pointing out his ordinariness. Yes, every person is born for something "great" but this "greatness" is lying in the field of inner growth instead of external achievements which are always deceptive and are only temporary. We will understand this fact if we remind ourselves about the compulsory condition for discovering our True Destiny: overcoming our selfish motivations. 
   Our True Destiny will never be what we'd love it to be, it will be something our Lord wants from us. It will be against our shallow "strong volition" because "burning desire" is always a manifestation of ego, not Soul. Discovering our mission will never be easy because overcoming our ego is not hard - it's very hard. 
   If we think that great ascetics and saints were longing for the Self-less Service and sacrificed themselves to others from their early childhood we are caught in illusion. If one has a burning desire to serve others "selflessly" and sacrifice oneself it is most probably a self-deception arising from ego. 
It is most probably false play, game called "spirituality" which won't pass the very first test on the authenticity of one's selflessness. This test is usually carried out by a Highest Unconditionally Loving and Nurturing Force sending some "ingratitude" to our "selfless" ego. This happens very often. One is not born with the desire of Selfless Service but acquires it as a Divine Blessing in a constant internal battle.

   © Don Druzhinin

   Translated into English by Tamara Sosnina