The Vedas and Eastern wisdom in general say that until the age of 5 one has to treat a child as a God.
   Many have heard about it but today we need to understand why it is harmonious and proper to treat a baby in that particular way. The fact is that the consciousness of a child up to 5 years is like clear water which reflects everything. As many of you already know, water is a natural information holder that records energy field structure in its own unique way. Most of you heard of well-known experiments with water. When one speaks some words over the water or turns the music on – it changes the structure. So consciousness of a child up to 5 years is like clear water and it memorizes everything that surrounds it on a subtle plane. Those who learn Astrology from me or from somebody else know that up to 5 years a child is under a strong influence of a moon which is directly connected with water and our memory. 
   Therefore, our subconscious attitude, feelings, thoughts and emotions that we feel towards the child up to 5 years stick directly in his mind and in the exact same way. The reason for that is the fact that unlike adult’s subconscious mind the mind of a child is opened for eternal actions to a great extent. 
The baby unconsciously fills with the same content and quality of subconscious mind that others force on him. In the following our subconscious attitude becomes “fundamental” for mentality and destiny of a new human. That is, after first five years of the upbringing a child begins to subconsciously have the same attitude to the outside world and people as had to him when he was younger than 5. That’s the Law of the Universe.
Now let’s figure out what kind of subconscious attitude we force on a child. Not all parents and tutors realize what kind of feelings and energy they direct on kids. But we don’t quite understand it because we don’t see the truth about ourselves; we don’t know the truth about our own subconscious mind. We realize something, but I can assure you that’s not even half of it.
   In the century of spiritual degeneration the great majority of parents and tutors in Western society up till now had one similarity, one common and disharmonious feature in their subconscious attitude to children. And this similarity is that we look down our nose at them. We look down our big and righteous life experience. We see our child as small and helpless. We hear him cry. What do we feel? We feel pity. We feel selfish pity subconsciously. And that’s the biggest problem and giant disharmony of our attitude towards children.
   Vedas say we have to treat a child as God or Master of Unconditional Love. And can you relate to God or Master with feeling of pity or looking at Him down your nose and your righteous life experience. Can you imagine yourself looking at God, the One who possesses Absolute Power, with the same feeling of pity with which you look at a crying baby? Of course not. Attitude to God or Master should be quite the opposite, shouldn’t it? That means that our attitude to children up to 5 years must be antithetic.
   You shouldn’t look down on your child as many of the parents do nowadays. On the contrary – you have to regard him with admiration, like he is a God or Master. Because if we worship and serve God in our child up to 5 years, later, during his lifetime, the child will see God in all people and inside he will subconsciously worship the whole Universe as the Greatest Unconditionally Loving Power.
   And that means he will possess True Inner Humility and grow up as a Harmonious Loving person. He then will respect his parent and elders in general. The foundation of his mentality in this case will become loving respect to surrounding Universe and the state of constant service of it.

   © Don Druzhinin

   Translated into English by Alisa Reidel