One of the main reasons of problems in personal life is that the whole concept of love in modern society turned upside down. Most people consider infatuation to be love when in fact it’s just a burst of lust that is common in the beginning of new relationship. Actually this burst of lust was destined by nature for children of the lovers to be born viable, deriving from them most life power.
   This initial flash of energy is needed to be put in conceiving children, instead of being put into your selfish use while you take contraceptive pills. But because up to this day not many realized it, trying to postpone conception and lay it on a shelf, often children don’t come into the world (cause of the gained infertility) or are born unhealthy. It is important to understand that children derive the highest level of energy when their parents are at the beginning of sexual relationship in other words when the energy hasn’t been wasted yet.
   Most people think that love must be the reason to start relationship and make a family. They consider that first they need to have a feeling of true love to someone and only then they can start a family. Without even realizing it, people are often sure that true feeling of love in this world is “for free” and comes itself, without any effort on their part. That is the biggest misconception. That’s how karma hooks a man. Infatuation can come “for free”, but not true love. This life is destined to make us learn to love unconditionally. 
   That is why true feeling of love can’t “fall out of the sky” in the beginning of new relationship. It would be too easy and we wouldn’t get necessary karmic lessons, which by the way we chose as souls for our education in this temporary world. Of course not all of us remember that, but that’s a fact. “Grandma” karma is not that simple and naive as we think… We are more likely to be naive in our self-assurance and desire to get true love “for free” just after meeting the “soulmate”. 
   Currently people usually break off their relationship at the sight of first difficulties. And they justify it with the fact that their “warm feelings are gone”… When in fact there weren’t any. There was just sexual interest and desire to consume for one’s satisfaction – these are animal instincts, not warm human feelings. For all that people are usually sure that it was a “wrong person”. If we want to be happy in our personal life, it is really important to understand that there is naturally no such thing as “wrong person”.
   No one finds a soulmate himself, voluntarily and not a single meeting in his world is accidental or vain. Unlike us, nature and “grandma” karma are never wrong. With a consummate accuracy this "merry couple" chooses the best "coach" for the development of our true inner humility, ability to serve selflessly and give into love. But we are far from being thankful disciples and sometimes even try to “run off from classes”. But we don’t realize it is impossible. It is important to understand that we meet the person who is best for teaching us love unconditionally. Yes, it’s very hard to believe in it but that’s a fact.

   True love is a beautiful flower that you have to grow together.
   True feeling of love can only appear as a result of ascesis, inner resignation and selfless ministry for loved ones and children in the family. Many don’t understand that family and personal relationship are meant for mutual education and achievement of perfection of true love, and not for two initially “ideal” persons could without trouble cherish their perfection, “bathing” in solely positive emotions. It sounds funny but that’s how most people picture their harmonious family life.

    As a result of such naive thinking they break off their relationship at first sight of trouble and if their imaginary icon of endless satisfaction is not what they thought it was. It’s important to understand, this imaginary icon can only exist in one’s mind but not in reality. If the relationship only consists of good emotions it can’t develop. The process of education, learning and unconditional love will stop. The deepest meaning of life will disappear. It’s like if you eat sweets all the time you will soon grow to hate it.
   Do you want to only eat sweets? No? Then don’t leave your loved ones when there’s a bitter taste in relationship but learn to love unconditionally and thank life for its diversity. Educate with love but don’t leave. As they say: “In joy and sorrow…” Or is it too bitter and you want sweetness? Then you need to understand that one have to find sweetness in their heart through the prayer and give it away to the loved ones selflessly.

   © Don Druzhinin

   Translated into English by Alisa Reidel